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January 10, 2021
Community Sharing

We all knew that scientific achievement demands continuous and steady effort. As COVID-19 is still around us, is running a special incentive program between December 16 and January 17, 2021 to reward researchers to share their latest research in videos and actively engage with the community. 

About Crossminds is a personalized tech research video platform indexed with a comprehensive knowledge graph. Here you can discover research and industry updates tailored to your interest, grow your knowledge base with interactive notes, and share your ideas with like-minded peers across the globe.


About the program

This program aims to encourage researchers to share their research talks/projects and stimulate peer discussion. 

  • Post your own research videos at
  • Share your videos via social media or professional network to encourage discussions at Crossminds.
  • Get rewards based on the number of videos shared and conversations generated

The rewards:

  • Get $25 rewards for the first video you upload of your own research presentation and $10 for each video uploaded thereafter (Limited to the first 1000 videos submitted by program participants between Dec 16 -Jan 17, 2021); 
  • Get $3 rewards for each technical comment/question left by a unique participant under each video (Maximal $300 per video)

Why you should join

  • Boost the influence of your research papers and projects
  • Engage and get inspired with like-minded peers across the globe
  • Easy rewards for sharing and promoting your research 

How to participate

  • Register a user account at (It is completely free and only requires username and password.) Refer to our User Guide for editing your profile and interests.
  • Sign in to Crossminds studio portal:
  • Upload videos about your research paper presentation or project presentation to the “Research Paper” or “Project” category following our Studio Manual. (If you are not able to upload, please submit a video file link to We can help upload the video and provide you with the post link. Embedded video links are not qualified for this program.)
  • Go to your video page and share it with peers, friends, or colleagues
  • Encourage peer discussions about your research using our time-stamped response feature (see the guide below)

How to claim your rewards

  • Video uploading rewards: send your username and video link(s) in an email to once you publish your video(s). We will review and send out payment every Monday between Dec 16, 2020 and Jan 17 2021.
  • Peer discussion rewards: we will review comments for each new video submitted before 11:59 pm PST, January 17, 2020, and notify the video creator for rewards.


Terms and conditions:

  • You must own all copyrights of the research video you upload or submit.
  • Your video must be uploaded directly through Crossminds studio. Embedded video links from other platforms are not qualified for receiving rewards from this program.
  • The unique participant is defined as a user who participates in the video discussion with a valid Crossminds account.
  • By participating in the incentive program, you indicate that you have read and agree to our Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines.
  • Certain activities are not permitted and will disqualify you from receiving rewards through this program such as 1) self-referral; 2) sign up on behalf of another participant’s account that isn’t yours;
  • Payment can be expected within two weeks after your email submission.
  • We reserve the right to investigate any account activity that we believe is abusing the program.
  • We reserve the right of final interpretation for the program hereinabove

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